Logistics Consultancy

Covid -19 demonstrated the importance of logistic consultants as freight costs went up. Many transporters were surprised that air transport is not always the most expensive. We offer professional consultancy to those interested in expanding their business in the global market. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of an area we take for granted; laws and regulations espoused by customs. Unfortunately, these often cause more delays than the transport itself. So we identify, analyze and offer solutions to your problem.

In addition, we can bring new ideas into your business because your organization’s traditions do not bind us.

Let’s acknowledge that organizations and the task they perform have become more complex. Think of global supply chains and the negotiations thereof. Think of the various laws, regulations, and customs to navigate. That demands experts and consultants. If transport and logistics across a city like Nairobi is a challenge, what about when it’s scaled up to a global level?

Given this background, transport and logistics need consultants too. Many think transport and logistics are about trucks moving from point A to B carrying goods. But it’s a more complex field than you think.

We can help you source the goods at the lowest cost and highest quality and give you the best combinations of the land, sea, air transport, and even transshipment and warehousing. Remember, our consultants know more than you do; that is their work.

Export Consultancy

We offer Export Consultancy Services. Companies and individuals who are involved in the exporting of products are duly assisted by our consultants. We assist the clients in following procedures for imports as well exports, Custom clearance, documentations, as per Export policy and hand book of procedures issued by Governments of different countries where we export to as well as sourcing parties.

We offer proficient consultancy to those interested in expanding their business in the global market in regard to shipping the goods.

Sea and Air Freight Shipping Consultants & Logistics Consul.

Requirements Vary!

Bramex consultants are aware that the requirements vary according to the specific industry sector and have the expertise and experience within the team to accommodate the unique requirements of each, whether it is Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, or Utilities.

Our Logistics Consultants will ensure an efficient Logistics strategy can be developed and implemented, measured and continually improved, ensuring your costs are optimised.

Why Bramex Consultancy?

  • Reduce your costs by an average of 35%
  • Strong track record and customer testimonials
  • Improve service levels and keep costs firmly under control
  • Knowledge of freight market and Customs procedures
  • Lower your workload
  • Access to expert impartial advice
  • Shared savings and activity based fee models
  • Free consultation / assessment
  • Improve Customs compliance and explore duty reliefs
  • Growing influence in the marketplace
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